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    Riverbed Wadi Muqaddam

    • Ambikul, Sudan
    • Riverbed Wadi Muqaddam$$
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    • Wadi Muqaddam - dry river bed, filled with water only during the rainy season.
      It is located in north-eastern Sudan, at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile.

      It would seem that the Nile, sandwiched on both sides by deserts, for hot summer would have completely run out, or at least greatly zmyalets, as is the case with most of the rivers in the desert. But, oddly enough, the opposite is true. In the midst of summer, the end of August, when the heat reaches the limit, the river level begins to rise, filling the drained river torrents of water.

      On the territory of Wadi Muqaddam can see the unique akatsyevy Guy, rubber trees, papyrus, baobab trees and oil palms.

      Typical representatives of fauna are most common in this place hippos, crocodiles, leopards, giraffes, lions, all kinds of monkeys, tropical birds and snakes.

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