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    River Atbara

    • El Linqawi, Sudan
    • River Atbara$$
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      Atbara River - the right tributary of the Nile, which flows into the main artery of the country to the cities of Atbara in Sudan. By the way, the river still flows through the lands of Ethiopia. Therefore, it is important for Africa. Its origin waterway Atbara takes near lake Tana in Ethiopia State. Increasingly the path of the river runs through the Sundanese plateau. The total length of the river Atbara is 1120 kilometers.

      In the rainy season the river Atbara significantly adds to drain the Nile and even has a navigable. This occurs from July to November. In the rest of the year the river dries up and does not reach the connection with Neil. On the River Atbara built reservoirs and hydropower plants. They provide people with water, and even necessary for irrigation.

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