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    Bridge Blue Nile

    • Khartoum North Municipal Council, Sudan
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      Bridge Blue Nile - road and rail bridge over the Blue Nile River in the Sudanese capital - the city of Khartoum. Bascule bridge connects the capital and the northern industrial city of Khartoum. The bridge Blue Nile with two lanes for cars, railway roads and footpaths - 560 meters.

      Blue Nile bridge was built in 1907-1909 years of construction company Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company for the project іnzhenera George Іmbaulta i vvazhaєtsya one s naystarіshih mostіv in kraїnі. Inst s pіvnіchnim v'їzdom on mіst roztashovany restaurant Blue Nile, near od pіvdennogo entry is Ai Hospital Khartoum.

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