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    Archaeological complex of the "Great Wall"

    • Hillat Qadaw, Sudan
    • Archaeological complex of the "Great Wall"$$
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      Great Wall in Mussavarate - one of the main attractions that attract tourists in Sudan.

      The Great Wall is a complex of ancient monuments in the north of Sudan.

      Its building belongs to the III century BC. Building area is about fifty thousand square meters. In 2011, the Great Wall was listed as a World Heritage Site.

      The basic material for construction was sandstone. All the buildings are united by corridors, courtyards or ramps. The walls of some corridors reach two meters in height.

      Functionality of the complex is still a matter of controversy among scientists. The latest versions are reduced to the fact that there was, or pilgrimage center, or a royal hunting palace, or the main sanctuary of the Meroitic god Apedemak.

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